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Read Me

gxine for Debian

This is a GTK 2 frontend for the xine video player. It is an alternative to
the native xine frontend 'xine-ui', which uses its own lowlevel toolkit
(called "xitk") to provide a skinnable user interface.

gxine uses GTK+ instead and looks more like a standard GNOME application.
Although you can basically use gxine to play any media that libxine supports,
the user interface is optimised for playing video files.

The gxine package has been started by Philipp Hahn (who basically did all the
work, including writing man pages). The current maintainer is Siggi Langauf;
however, Philipp still helps out every now and then ;-)

 -- Philipp Hahn <>, Sun,  7 Apr 2002 18:36:20 +0200
 -- Siggi Langauf <>, Thu May 30 10:58:14 CEST 2002