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[09229e] (0.4.8gxine-0_4_8-release) by dsalt


diff -r d47b69149a2c -r 4b26d58e11e8 configure.ac

2005-09-12 00:54:36 Tree
[adeccf] by dsalt

Doc update.

diff -r f580b24ac6ec -r d47b69149a2c ChangeLog

2005-09-11 23:52:36 Tree
[d7921c] by dsalt

Improve vis plugin (un)chaining. Avoids audio loss.

diff -r 2297b2b6994c -r f580b24ac6ec src/gtkvideo.c

2005-09-11 23:47:38 Tree
[2d6641] by dsalt

Fix an init idle callback.
It should only be run once but /may/ have been called repeatedly.

diff -r f8b812f6ec73 -r 2297b2b6994c src/utils.c

2005-09-11 23:45:46 Tree
[9d58cc] by dsalt

Packaging synchronisation.

diff -r f3240d757d4d -r f8b812f6ec73 debian/changelog

2005-09-09 22:23:36 Tree
[18d20e] (0.4.7gxine-0_4_7-release) by dsalt

Prepare for 0.4.7.

diff -r 10c2bb2ab3f5 -r f3240d757d4d configure.ac

2005-08-24 19:56:18 Tree
[75971e] by dsalt

Remove some unused files.

diff -r c87c00e59b7d -r 10c2bb2ab3f5 po/Rules-quot

2005-08-24 19:36:15 Tree
[44e1aa] by dsalt

Documentation updates.

diff -r ad98bb3a9c92 -r c87c00e59b7d ChangeLog

2005-08-17 19:38:15 Tree
[b47782] by dsalt

No point in building a static version of the browser plugin...

diff -r e3256c7c40f6 -r ad98bb3a9c92 configure.ac

2005-08-17 19:28:24 Tree
[bfeae5] by dsalt

Update build-depends.

diff -r d8e2e69c07a1 -r e3256c7c40f6 debian/control

2005-08-17 18:30:27 Tree
[79bd1a] by dsalt

Documentation update.

diff -r dd3d0ca057df -r d8e2e69c07a1 ChangeLog

2005-08-16 20:11:52 Tree
[db471e] by dsalt

Backport fixes from HEAD.

diff -r 64caefdc2706 -r dd3d0ca057df configure.ac

2005-08-16 19:19:56 Tree
[8d213f] by dsalt

Fix an upper limit off-by-one in the audio channel spin button.

diff -r a261393a86cd -r 64caefdc2706 ChangeLog

2005-08-12 19:11:26 Tree
[9dc32f] by dsalt

Fix an fd leak in read_entire_file (error path).

diff -r 763c299ed0b3 -r a261393a86cd ChangeLog

2005-08-11 19:33:50 Tree
[3557a7] by dsalt

Check for the presence of gdk-pixbuf-csource (build requirement).

diff -r 6c46a2f11ed8 -r 763c299ed0b3 ChangeLog

2005-08-03 00:47:42 Tree
[311dce] by dsalt

Small improbable-security-risk fixes (from Diego Petten?).

diff -r e5a1fbce6061 -r 6c46a2f11ed8 ChangeLog

2005-08-01 21:47:17 Tree
[63dd45] by dsalt

Delay application of slider settings until a stream is started.

diff -r bbf694a0af72 -r e5a1fbce6061 ChangeLog

2005-07-31 15:49:36 Tree
[21c2dc] (0.4.6gxine-0_4_6-release) by dsalt

Changelog update for Siggi.

diff -r 363f97c3aa3c -r bbf694a0af72 debian/changelog

2005-07-17 23:50:38 Tree
[d43599] by dsalt

Doc update.

diff -r 6e7dc1809b0d -r 363f97c3aa3c ChangeLog

2005-07-14 22:58:09 Tree
[cfd652] by dsalt

Fix play() start index handling.

diff -r b7b70d436362 -r 6e7dc1809b0d src/play_item.c

2005-07-14 22:57:45 Tree
[581577] by dsalt

gnome_vfs_mime_info_shutdown doesn't exist - use gnome_vfs_mime_shutdown.

diff -r 30d6c5c196a8 -r b7b70d436362 src/desktop_integration.c

2005-07-14 22:46:17 Tree
[e5f476] by dsalt

Remove MRLs from the playlist when they cause more MRLs to be added.

diff -r 75cc6b8af3eb -r 30d6c5c196a8 ChangeLog

2005-07-14 00:47:05 Tree
[ae74f7] by dsalt


diff -r 0cc91ae2da50 -r 75cc6b8af3eb configure.ac

2005-07-12 17:55:48 Tree
[bb2626] by dsalt

Mark a few strings as translatable.
(All are the same and one instance is already marked.)

diff -r 069e0efbd608 -r 0cc91ae2da50 ChangeLog

2005-07-12 17:44:33 Tree
[37ec28] by dsalt

Fix a couple of playlist insertion bugs.

diff -r b45fa6d34a8b -r 069e0efbd608 ChangeLog

2005-07-11 18:56:35 Tree
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