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[05c9a5] by dsalt

More to be ignored :-)

2005-08-28 00:33:51 Tree
[ce258e] by dsalt

Fix a warning caused by a missing #include.

2005-08-28 00:28:37 Tree
[a8dc85] by dsalt

Translation update. Hopefully the last before release...

2005-08-28 00:27:28 Tree
[8b8350] by dsalt

Documentation update.

2005-08-28 00:25:31 Tree
[b97708] by dsalt

Better cleanup of autotools droppings.

2005-08-28 00:25:07 Tree
[bcf919] by dsalt

Extra translatable files (generated at build time).

2005-08-28 00:23:15 Tree
[748f71] by dsalt

Big UI rework.

The toolbar is now generated from XML, and there's now also a keypad window.
Translatable strings are prefixed with "~".

2005-08-28 00:21:41 Tree
[086977] by dsalt

Symlinks for the browser plugin.

2005-08-28 00:17:11 Tree
[336dd0] by dsalt

More use of foreach_glist.

2005-08-24 18:00:21 Tree
[d79f29] by dsalt

Duplicate code removal.

2005-08-24 17:58:40 Tree
[d2a512] by dsalt

Unbreak JS full-screen toolbar position property.

2005-08-23 17:07:56 Tree
[20d6ed] by dsalt

Add comments to the .po files.

2005-08-23 17:01:31 Tree
[d29b2d] by dsalt

Remove some unused files.

2005-08-23 16:59:52 Tree
[128f72] by dsalt

Don't use deprecated GNOME VFS MIME functions.

2005-08-19 01:01:44 Tree
[b0be28] by dsalt

Documentation updates.

2005-08-17 19:37:31 Tree
[b62042] by dsalt

No point in building a static version of the browser plugin...

2005-08-17 19:26:41 Tree
[941926] by dsalt

Update build-depends; remove old useless Replaces/Provides.

2005-08-17 18:29:03 Tree
[6c53c5] by dsalt

New UI layout. Enable it via the prefs window then restart gxine...

2005-08-16 22:00:49 Tree
[536d41] by dsalt

Complete the move of the property creation code.

2005-08-16 20:19:44 Tree
[90c26f] by dsalt

Fix missing-property/segfault bugs.

2005-08-16 20:04:46 Tree
[04d12b] by dsalt

Turn the splash window into a popup so that it doesn't affect window placement.

2005-08-16 20:03:43 Tree
[871395] by dsalt

Don't link gxine_client with libjs/libsmjs.

2005-08-16 19:09:07 Tree
[eb4c74] by dsalt

Reorganise the A/V properties back end - it's not specific to this.

2005-08-15 23:37:57 Tree
[cbbf54] by dsalt

Don't segfault if no ~/.gxine/startup.

2005-08-15 01:42:05 Tree
[ffd5ea] by dsalt

Basic clipboard support: single item, no import.

2005-08-14 15:40:36 Tree
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