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File Date Author Commit
browser-plugin 2004-11-11 dsalt dsalt [8e3578] Disable the URL window and display the URL in t...
debian 2004-12-11 dsalt dsalt [23c803] Make sure that the patch files are there...
doc 2004-11-19 dsalt dsalt [38db28] Updated/new man pages. (Guenter Bartsch)
include 2004-11-10 dsalt dsalt [a88963] Markup for i18n.
intl 2002-10-26 storri storri [ca05e6] Added debug and install-debug targets for a deb...
m4 2004-11-10 dsalt dsalt [f70a53] Oops, missing file...
misc 2004-11-21 dsalt dsalt [76c164] Mirror change from CVS HEAD.
pixmaps 2004-11-12 dsalt dsalt [67adf3] A new set of button icons. (Source is buttons.svg)
po 2004-12-09 dsalt dsalt [d261c2] Synchronise files for release. No new translati...
src 2004-12-10 dsalt dsalt [35b36a] Fix up some JS "... || if ..." breakage.
.cvsignore 2002-12-21 holstsn holstsn [c5298c] a lot of cvsignore files...
.hgignore 2002-02-28 guenter guenter [1e48ac] finally: import of gnome-xine sources to cvs
ABOUT-NLS 2004-11-10 dsalt dsalt [c090d2] i18n stuff.
AUTHORS 2004-11-07 dsalt dsalt [615936] Docs update.
COPYING 2002-05-12 guenter guenter [c16821] plain gpl 2
ChangeLog 2004-12-07 dsalt dsalt [d0bb8e] Compile-time check for whether GDK uses system ...
INSTALL 2004-12-01 dsalt dsalt [dc4c27] Doc updates. 2004-11-10 dsalt dsalt [c090d2] i18n stuff.
NEWS 2002-02-28 guenter guenter [1e48ac] finally: import of gnome-xine sources to cvs
README 2004-12-01 dsalt dsalt [dc4c27] Doc updates.
TODO 2004-11-13 dsalt dsalt [3c9c99] Doc updates. 2004-01-01 valtri valtri [15b933] Synchronize gxine's with libxine's v...
config.rpath 2004-11-10 dsalt dsalt [c090d2] i18n stuff. 2004-12-09 dsalt dsalt [99a67d] Actually _define_ HAVE_LIBSMJS.
gxine.desktop 2002-11-25 guenter guenter [983c71] push name change to gxine a little further

Read Me

  gxine, a GTK+ frontend for xine

(C) 2001-2004 by G. Bartsch and the xine project team

gxine is free software released under the GPL.

LIRC support

gxine has full LIRC support. You need to have a file named
to use it. An example lircrc file is included in the misc/ directory (source)
or in the documentation directory if you're using a packaged version (try
something like /usr/share/doc/gxine).

You can let gxine execute any Javascript code you want on lirc input :)

VDR support

As of 0.4.0, gxine has VDR support. You'll need vdr and vdr-xine to make use
of this.

If ~/.gxine already exists and contains a key bindings file from an older
version of gxine:

 * Your key bindings be upgraded automatically. Any bindings with command
   strings which don't match one of the defaults or which already have
   descriptions (also new in 0.4.0) will be left untouched - you'll have to
   check these ones yourself.

 * There are some new bindings for use with VDR. These will be added at the
   same time.