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xinco DMS 1.10.00 with extended publishing capabilities!

xinco DMS™, the powerful Web-Service based Information and Document Management System (DMS) now comes with largely extended publishing capabilities for files, plain text, contacts and web links.

While the client application XincoExplorer gives regular users of a xinco content repository a rich user experience, they can also publish current versions of data directly to internet/intranet sites or have the general public browse the repository with their regular web browser, without the need of installing a separate client application.... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2006-01-18

xinco DMS 1.9.1 available in English, German and Dutch!

xinco DMS 1.9.1, the powerful and full-featured Web-Service-based Information and Document Management System now comes with a Dutch client interface (in addition to English and German).

Also, creating custom localizations for your international teams has become even more simple and can be done within 30 minutes or less!

xinco DMS effectively manages multi-language information; combined with its multi-language interface it greatly empowers internet/intranet-based collaboration of international teams and organizations!... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2005-06-28

xinco DMS 1.9.0 AND complete documentation released!

Starting with this release of xinco DMS, detailed documentation ("xinco DMS User & Admin Guide") is available as a seperate download. All future releases will include this documentation!

The latest version also includes the following features:

a) File Transfer via "SOAP with Attachments (SAAJ)": low CPU and memory consumption, increased performance!

b) Storage Location of Files and Search Index on different volumes to optimize use of Network Storage Devices (NAS, SAN) ... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2005-05-23

We proudly announce: xinco DMS 1.8 released!

xinco DMS includes all relevant features of a powerful Document and Information Management System (DMS).

New features include:

a) Revision Storage: upon checkin, decide whether you keep a copy of the file's previous version (or only store the current version)

b) Archiving: set fixed dates or variable timeframes for archiving files to external storage volumes (references to archived files and their permanent storage locations are still maintained within the DMS) ... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2005-01-20

We proudly announce: xinco DMS 1.7 now available!

xinco DMS now includes all relevant features of a powerful Document and Information Management System (DMS).

New features include:

a) Full-Text Indexing and Search of Text, Adobe PDF, MS Word, MS Excel, HTML, and all internal xinco data.
b) Graphical Search Query Builder
c) XincoPublisher for accessing public data (e.g. linking from external websites)
d) opening Contacts in default Email application ... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2004-12-19

xinco DMS 1.6.0 released!

xinco DMS Version 1.6 has been released and introduces a vastly improved client XincoExplorer.

Some features include:

a) keyboard-shortcuts for all important functions

b) multi-object selection:
simplifies moving folders and data

c) file preview and editing in documents' default application:
simplifies preview, checkout, editing and checkin of files you work with

d) state of data displayed in tree view:
let's you see right away what people work on or what needs to be checked in ... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2004-12-02

Web-Service-based xinco DMS 1.5 now with full DMS features!

xinco DMS Version 1.5 has been released and comes with a number of new features that make xinco a full-featured Document Management System.

XincoExplorer, its FTP-like, but Web-Service-based client, "speaks" multiple languages (English + German included, Language-Pack coming soon!)

General new features include:

a) Advanced Search Tool
searches for folders and data, including specific attributes,
and links directly to the object within the repository... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2004-09-19

xinco Research Paper on Web-Service-based Document Managemet

In a recently published research paper, the developers of the xinco Document Management System ( are sharing their knowledge of exchanging complex object structures via Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) for building a Web-Service-based Document and Information Management System.

Language of the Research Paper is German!

Free download of the PDF-Document is available from xinco's Download Section:

Posted by Alexander Manes 2004-08-27

xinco: first SOAP-based Document Management System released!

The Document Management System xinco [eXtensible INformation COre] released its version 1.0.0, which was developed by Alexander Manes as a study project at the University of Cooperative Education, Heidenheim, Germany.

XincoExplorer, a universal client, which connects to any xinco DMS Server via SOAP-Web-Services, gives this system it's unique character.
Just like using FTP, you only need one client to access multiple servers on either your intranet or the internet.... read more

Posted by Alexander Manes 2004-06-03