xinco DMS 2.01.00 M2 released!

This is the first release to the public of 2.01.00 Milestones. This is to be considered alpha quality code. Keep in mind that milestone releases as well as release candidates are not production ready. The only purpose of this type of releases is to get feedback and bug reports from users.

2.01.00 has some major changes:

1) Web service migration from Axis 1 to JAX-WS (the end point for the time being is <http://<server name or ip>:<port>/xinco/Xinco

This should be fixed for further releases

2) Database access is done via JPA layer instead of plain JDBC. This allows users to use any JPA supported database with Xinco!

3) Xinco is configured to use embedded H2 database (not recommended for production use). So just deploy it to your server and Xinco takes care of the rest!

Posted by Javier A. Ortiz Bultron 2010-10-02