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SwordRCP / News: Recent posts

CROSS 0.1.3 beta released

This release fixed several bugs and add bible.org support. Now the progress bar for booking installation shows real downloading speed.

Also rssreader was removed from the default download. It can be downloaded and installed by going to help->update to download through the update site.

The code was refactored to make it more synchronized with CROSSWIRE JSWORD library.

Fixed the bug of uninstallation that the start menu and system registry were not removed after user uninstall the program.

Posted by Newfaith Li 2007-02-04

CROSS 0.1 beta released

CROSS 0.1 beta is released. In this release, it includes JSWORD bible study module and RSS reader.

About CROSS:
CROSS (Cannon Resource Organizing and Sharing System) is a platform to enable resource sharing between Christians. Built on Java, CROSS will include blog sharing, forum sharing, file sharing , instant messaging as well as a set of standard tools such as bible study, RSS. CROSS is based on Eclipse RCP, it keeps expending to include new features that demanded by users. ... read more

Posted by Newfaith Li 2007-01-24