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Ximian Gnome for Slackware / News: Recent posts

Comments Please

Hey, if you've used Xgnome-sh tell me if it worked for you. Tell me if it junked out. Give patches, updates, whatever. While it is very simple, it might not work for everyone (Slack/Linux is to versitile .. and thats a good thing)

Posted by Ash 2002-03-22


Xgnome-net is xgnome.sh. It downlaods and converts the current Ximian Gnome DE into slackpacks and installs them. This automatically gets the most current version from Ximians ftp site.

Posted by Ash 2002-03-10

New Version Soon

Hey, it's been a while so I thought I should update the source and binaries for the project. Please post to the forums if it has worked or hasn't worked for you, and any bugs and fixes.

Posted by Steve Milner 2001-11-23


I see we've had a few downloads. If possible please post your problems/sucesses on the general forum here so we can try to get some of the kinks out.

Posted by Steve Milner 2001-07-24

Pre-Alpha Packages

The Pre-Alpha packages have been uploaded. All packages are in one giant tar.bz2.

Posted by Steve Milner 2001-07-09


Welcome all! As of right now I've converted the offical Ximian Gnome rpm's to tgz's for slackware and wrote a very basic text installer for them (but you could just as easily type installpkg * :-P). The port hasn't been tested yet so please don't install it unless you want to work on it or are very, very daring and like things to break down on ya. If your interested in helping or testing please email me at ashcrow@phreaker.net.

Posted by Steve Milner 2001-06-28