The Extended Greek Mod is a modification for Rome - Total War.

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Project Admins:

The Extended Greek Mod aims to give the Greek factions the same sort of depth that the Roman factions have in vanilla (unmodified) RTW, to improve historical accuracy, and to improve gameplay. Many new units have been added to the Greek factions (and other factions), along with aditional campaigns based on the Greek City States, new buildings, character traits, night battles, named legions, loyalty, and much more. Combat with phalanx based armies has also been made much more challenging. We have tried to stay close to the "look and feel" of vanilla RTW, so this mod should appeal to people who like vanilla RTW, but who want to play a more developed version of the Greek factions.

You can find a lot more information about XGM in the readme:

The best place to discuss XGM or get help is the Total War Center:

If you want to roll your own version of XGM these guides will help to get you started:
[Roll Your Own XGM] [Testing]


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