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New Versions 0.1.2 and available

I've updated the files section, there are two new version:
- 0.1.2 which seems to be quite stable to me
- which adds the sensitivity patch which works on
my system and seems to be indeed more sensitive :-)
(though this has to be improved somewhat before stable

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2001-03-07

pressure problems anyone?

Hi, one user told me about some strange problems w/ a Hyperpen 5000. He has to press very hard to be able to write, also in Windows. Has anyone experienced something similar?

Posted by Christian Herzog 2001-02-16


0.1.3 reports the F keys and includes the 0.1.2 patch

Posted by Christian Herzog 2001-02-03

0.1.2 Patch

A patch for version 0.1.2 is available, not yet
in CVS (lack of time to do that).
Changes are described inside the patch manager

- Reinhard

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2001-01-16

xf86HyperPen 0.1.1 - New versioning

The versioning being used in the CHANGES file
of older releases is now officially used as well
for file releases.

See ChangeLog for further changes.

Posted by Reinhard Katzmann 2000-12-27

0.95 - tablet ID detection

Version 0.95 reads out the tablet's ID and sets the resolution accordingly. Get it and report bugs

Posted by Christian Herzog 2000-12-27

0.9 adds mouse support - get the patch

Puck mouse support added, code cleanup in 0.9

Posted by Christian Herzog 2000-08-17

at last!

version 0.8 uses streaming mode and should compile for 3.3.x and 4.0

Posted by Christian Herzog 2000-08-16

New source and binaries for 4.0

Christian Herzog has done some more bugfixes for 4.0 and compiled a binary, for us lazy folks, get it from the File Releases section.

Posted by Steve Harris 2000-08-10

Official documaentation available

Check in the project docs section...

Posted by Steve Harris 2000-08-07

4.0 port

See downloads

Posted by Steve Harris 2000-08-07