#10 Improved Ring Drawing

Conrad Shultz

It would be nice to be able to lay down new rings and
other templated structures in more then one orientation.

For example, currently it is quite hard to construct a
fused ring structure such as naphthalene because rings
can only be attached to a single atom. It would be
nice to be able to lay down one benzene ring in such a
way so that one bond coincides with a BOND of another
benzene so as to create an edge-fused ring system.

This is a specific case of the more general request for
being able to rotate templated structures at time of
creation by simple holding and dragging.


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    yes that would be very cool, in addition maybe it would be
    possible to make bonds magnetic in general to allow simple
    merger of substructures.

    Also the general behaviour when adding substructures to
    another already drawn structure should be to maximize the
    bond angles to orientate the newly drawn part. Is there any
    chance of getting such features?