How to use the xdcdb database locally

  • I am trying to use the xdcdb database locally. To do that, I have:

    -  started the httpd daemon on my machine, " mad", and check that it works
    - copied xdcb-03302005.csv to /var/www/html//xdcdb.csv (/var/www/html is the root directory of the httpd server, where index.html is located)
    - started xdrawchem under tcsh with:
    env XDC_SERVER=mad xdrawchem

    I can see that "mad" is listed as the server now when I select "Find on Internet", but the search ends with an error message:
    /cgi-bin/db.php not found

    I am not very familiar with this (you may have guessed it). What am I doing wrong ? Also consider adding an explanation in the INSTALL.txt on how to do it

    Thank you,