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xdraft 0.12 released

Fixes a bug in filled ellipses

Posted by Ed Falk 2008-05-13

Xdraft 0.11 and tutorial released

Fixes a few bugs and adds mouse-wheel scrolling. Debian package released. Rpm will go up later tonight.

There's now a tutorial on line. Look for it at http://xdraft.sourceforge.net/tutorial

Posted by Ed Falk 2008-05-09

xdraft 0.10 released

Fixes a minor bug in spline arrows and a crash when files are saved without file types.

Posted by Ed Falk 2006-07-01

Xdraft 0.9 released

Adds layers dialog, improves printing, fixes many bugs

Posted by Ed Falk 2004-06-17

Xdraft drawing editor 0.6 released

The latest version of Xdraft is now available for download. This version includes postscript output.
See it at http://xdraft.sourceforge.net

Posted by Ed Falk 2002-09-22