#4 Generate task/subtask docs

Aslak Hellesřy

We should tag tasks and subtasks with @tags and use
that to generate docs for subtasks.


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    The documentation of a task and a subtask is basically the
    same: We want to generate a HTML table with three columns
    la standard Ant task documentation: attribute name,
    description and required.

    attribute name can be derived from the method name. Ex:
    setFoo(String s) -> attribute name = foo

    description can be derived from the Javadoc comment.

    Required can be documented in a tag. I suggest we put
    @task.attribute required="Yes|No" on all setBlaBla methods
    in all Tasks and SubTasks.

    Then what we need is an XDoclet template that will generate
    the HTML docs based on the above rules. -And this must be
    invoked in modules-common.xml and also in
    xdoclet/core/build.xml (to document DocletTask which is not
    in modules).

    The class header javadoc can be used to extract the general
    blabla documentation.

    This approach should work equally well for Tasks and
    SubTasks, the template should also check for the presence
    of the @xdoclet:subtask tag. If it exists, we're dealing with
    subtask documentation generation, and based on that
    knowledge we can generate slightly different docs and include
    the information from the tag.

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    This is implemented now. The remaining work is only to make
    it look nice. A table with a dynamic right column would be

  • Andy Stevens
    Andy Stevens

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