Hi everybody,
I'm pretty new in XDoclet, and it's really hard to fine some good documentation about it.
So, as I'm working on a project created by others than me, I don't really understand the XDoclet part in EJB

I've something like that in the XDoclet definition :

 <!-- begin-xdoclet-definition -->
 * @ejb.bean name="Agency"
 *    jndi-name="Agency"
 *    type="CMP"
 *  primkey-field="agy_id"
 *  schema="AgencySCHEMA"
 *  cmp-version="2.x"
 *  @ejb.persistence
 *   table-name="AGY_Agency"
 *   read-only="false"
 * @jboss.method-attributes
 * pattern="get*"
 * read-only="true"
 * @jboss.method-attributes
 * pattern="set*"
 * read-only="false"

The part that does matter for me is the "read-only" part.
It semmes that does not work because, here is the jbosscmp-jdbc.xml

         <datasource-mapping>Hypersonic SQL</datasource-mapping>




As you can see, the cmp-field is marked as read-only = true...

How can I put it in "false" ??

In fact I would like to have methods set* as read-only=true, and get* as read-only=false.

If it's not possible, I would like to have everything as read-only=false, but whatever I write, It generate everytime the <read-only>true</read-only> parameter..

Does anyone have an idea to help me ?

Thanks a lot !

Pierre Betz