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XChords / News: Recent posts

XChords 0.3.2

Several bug fixes. Now it should be working on Linux, I tested it on Suse.

Posted by mirek mocek 2006-10-26

XChords 0.3.1 - open state

This release adds possibility to specify 'open' state of string. This option will draw small empty circle above the guitar neck.

Posted by mirek mocek 2006-09-19

XChords 0.3 as Xmas gift

New version of XSLT utility. Creates chord images for further usage anywhere.
Major changes:
-XSD with namespaces
-enhanced name/id manipulation - to allow linkage with XSong project
-startup scripts now written as ant build file
-> easier configuration and usage
-some more documentation
-online demo application (servlet) included
and more...

Try and give me feedback.

Posted by mirek mocek 2005-12-26

Online demo app

I've created online demo application at http://xchords.barad.cz. It creates direct SVG images from XML input. Test it, please. It's easy to use. It's 0.3 version preview.

Posted by mirek mocek 2005-09-28

Project homepage update

Site was updated with newest info, more texts, samples edited, linkage to XSong project.

Posted by mirek mocek 2005-09-28

XChords 0.2 now available!

New improved version of XChords was released.
-core rewrite - different drawing styles could be used
-more output formats - JPEG/PNG/TIFF images included in HTML page, PDF document with SVG images
-more startup scripts for easier usage
-more documentation
-all known bugs from 0.1 fixed

Posted by mirek mocek 2004-04-20

XChords 0.2 is closer...

I will release new version of XChords in few days. (Xmas gift)

Interesting new features:
-PDF creation from your chords database (you can print it)
-core rewrite (separated to preprocessing phase and drawing phase)
-after preprocessing is created intermediate XChordsDraw XML file, which can be easily transformed to SVG output. You can write your own XSLT and put it in the chain.
-size of the guitar neck (and all other fixed things) is no longer fixed. Everything is calculated dynamically, so the output SVG is always good.
-bugs from 0.1 fixed... read more

Posted by mirek mocek 2003-12-20

XChords 0.1 released

This is the initial release of XChords.

it can
- convert .xml chord database into .svg graphics. One picture for one chord.
- convert .xml chord database into plain text info. (C:032010)

- XChords DTD 0.1
- basic.xml chord database
- documentation - some tutorial
- already generated output in out directory


Posted by mirek mocek 2003-07-13