#3 Feature request


It would be nice if there was a "right click" menu
option to copy the underlying link to the clipboard.
That would sure beat having to write it down by
hand from the status bar while hovering the link.
Mainly for external links that lead to web sites and

Another cool thing would be to use the Opera Web
Browser forward/back method. Hold down the left
mouse button and then click the right mouse button
to move forward in a document. Hold down the right
mouse button and click the left mouse button to
move backwards. I keep trying this out of habit, but
it doesn't work so well ;-)

Using Pab's Win32 binary 0.9.4 on NT4 system

Leon Fisk


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    Ok, I guess you're right. It's done, you got your 'Copy link
    location' menu item.
    I'll probably release a new version of xCHM on Monday.
    Sometime after that there'll probably be a Win32 xCHM binary
    too, but I can't make promises on Pabs' behalf.
    Anyway, I commited the code to CVS, so if you need it sooner
    than Monday, check the CVS code out and make yourself a binary.
    The Opera thing is not going to happen unless you're writing
    the code >:-).

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    Thanks for the link copy. I've passed some messages
    with Pabs in the past, so I know this is no trivial task. I
    noticed that the 0.9.6 release gave him a lot of trouble.
    The (0.9.6) binary that Pabs came up with also needs
    the Cygtiff4.dll to run. I got it to run by modifying it to
    use libtiff3.dll, but it is buggy and crashes with some chm
    files. I think Pabs knows all of this though. You might
    want to warn people about this, if they try taking the
    Win32 binary for a spin.

    If I could add the code for forward/back using the mouse
    I most certainly would help you out. This is a bit over my
    head right now though. I've done a bit of programming
    in other languages and somethings just aren't as easy
    as they would appear to be. That's why I asked,
    somethings are easy, others are not...

    Thanks again and maybe Pabs will take a crack at
    making a binary soon.
    Leon Fisk

  • Paul Wise
    Paul Wise

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    I've removed the dependency on cygwin tiff in 0.9.8,
    however, I couldn't get the image support working, so thats
    stripped out for this version.