Suggestion for a better GTK+2 look&feel

  • Hi xCHM devs,
        first of all, I've been using xCHM since a long time (and I hated the way wxHtmlWindow rendered links in wx < 2.7 - i.e. broking the underlining at word boundaries - that's why I provided the patch for fixing the underlining in wx ;)) and I want to say: congrats for the great work!

    Second: just two small suggestions for making it look more GTK+-like when compiled against wxGTK 2.8:

      1) using wx's stock item IDs (wxID_EXIT, etc) you'll get automatic GTK+ stock icons for the menu items.

      2) using wxAboutDialogBox() you can make a prettier about box ;)

    very small things but they would improve GTK+ native-ness a lot...