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Text Copy Problem from xchm to Open office 2

Mr. Naveed
  • Mr. Naveed
    Mr. Naveed

    I started xchm from the shell.
    $xchm &
    When i copy some text and tries to copy it in the Open-office writer 2, then i received the following error onto the shell i.e.

    (xchm:8540): Gdk-WARNING **: Error converting from UTF-8 to STRING: Invalid byte sequence in conversion input

    Could anyone please tell me what's the reason.

    Naveed Anwar.

    • That's a GTK warning; if the copy/paste process works, you can just ignore it. Might have something to do with your wxGTK iconv support.
      What kind of wxGTK are you using? Does it use GTK2? Is it an unicode buid? What version is it? What platform are your running xCHM on? Did you compile it yourself?