Small problem with Xchm

  • Hi,
    I am not sure if this is the correct place to report a problem my user is having with xchm but here goes  :-)
    I am using the version of xchm provided by Alessio Cervellin on my Solaris 8 UltraSparc system.
    Alessio confirms that the problems below are present on both
    Unix and Mac

    In the lines that begins "Primary Opcode..." the H should be subscript. It is in Windows, not in Unix

    The CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) that is built into the .chm is not being applied. I.e. The words Examples and See Also are bold/set to a certain height in Windows, but set to Italic and made larger in Unix.
    A second CSS problem - Yield (found under Multithread) should be shown in red. No colour is applied in Unix.

    You can download the users chm file from:-


    • That's not an xCHM bug, it's a limitation of the wxHtmlWindow wxWidgets component. That's what I use for displaying HTML, and it's severely limited - maybe I'll try to use wxMozilla when it becomes stable, it's too soon to tell now.

      Bottom line is, you'll have to live with these limitations or write a better wxHtmlWindow-derived component yourself (or some patch for wxHtmlWindow). This is, after all, free and open source code.

    • Thanks Razvan that makes it clear as I just found thet the HTML files produced by extract_chmLib did render correctly :-)