Shows only splash window and can't open files

  • The first time I used xchm it worked fine, but after that I can't use it anymore. On startup the splash window appears and can't open any file.

    xchm 1.13, Mac OS X 10.5

    Any idea?


    • I'd love to be able to help you, but I don't own a Mac. Not a PPC one, and not an Intel one. By the way, are you running Mac on PPC or Intel?

      I'm cross compiling for Intel on a PPC MacMini that I sometimes have a shell on, then I bundle it with the native build for a Universal binary. Unless you can compile it from source code yourself or can troubleshoot it on your machine, or provide some kind of GUI shell for me to troubleshoot it on your machine, I can't help. Sorry. I don't make any money from this software, so I can't afford to buy a Mac machine for builds and testing.