Howto build xchm for win32?

  • JonSnow


    Question like in subject.

    I read "" document but it seems to be little outdated.

    Do i need any special version of chmlib?

    I tried to build xchm 1.13 with wxWidgets 2.6.4 and chmlib 0.39 (modified because of "rpl_malloc" and "ffs" linker issues) under cygwin, linux (debian) and msys&mingw32 but all i got was big xchm.exe file which after execution didn't display images and hung on most files (ex.\).

    • I don't know, I'm really not doing anything special - I'm just using MinGW/MSys and it seems to work just fine. A few pointers:

      * always build _static_ versions of wxWidgets, and link against those, so you won't depend on a bunch of DLLs. I also do that with CHMLIB. That's my personal preference, because it will make xchm.exe only depend on the Win32 runtime stuff.

      * use strip xchm.exe to have a smaller executable.

      I don't know what the problem with your build is, since I don't have all the details. Unfortunately I don't have time to describe the process step-by-step for now, so you'll have to wait for an "official" Win32 release or dig deeper into the problem yourself, sorry.