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#2 bugs/feature requests


No hop icon in the nick list, they seem to be recognized and sorted properly.
ircops don't seem to be recognized.
Input line should always accept text input while xchat is in the foreground.
When you paste text in the input line you should be able to see the text, input should resize to accommodate multiple lines all and trailing empty lines on a paste should be truncated. Sometimes when I paste and hit return I will see in xchat that a leading empty line was sent and a "No text to send" output at the end. Looking at the mirc client running next to me the leading line was not sent/received.
Ability to drag user-list buttons to arrange would be nice.
The channel tab close-box, Personally I could do without, have hit it accidentally a few times, small red aqua button or nothing at all.
Highlight a line of text that contains selected words color/style similar to the "highlight message when" in snak.
The xchat icon doesn't stand out in the dock.
I don't know what the difference is but compare snak geneva 10 to xchat geneva 10 the text is not as sharp in xchat. The black doesn't seem as black.
Tabbing to different windows is slow.
Not all characters are being handled properly {{ ŹŁ???şgH?Ć?ąg ?ň?şt ŹŁ???ş?ę }}
Would like total control of text colors, like making all nick colors in the text box black.
Ability to drag files to a nick to send.
Need a reconnect when disconnected option.
Need a join channel when invited option.
Need a rejoin when kicked option.
Topic doesn't show colors.
I just started using xchat and really like it. Xchat and snak are the two best looking clients for OS X. As an alpha I am impressed. I hope developement will continue.


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