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Scroll tab-complete broken in Snow Leopard

  • Scroll tab-complete is broken in Snow Leopard.  When multiple nicks match after hitting Tab, the cursor does not advance to the end of the nick/word/channel like it is supposed to as you begin typing.  "Regular" tab complete (which I despise as it spams your display window with extraneous info) works as it always has.  Any feedback is great.  Thanks!

    • Greg Black
      Greg Black

      I'm seeing this too and it's a real pain. Are there any plans to fix it?

      • S X
        S X

        just to confirm, Ive noticed that bug on SL as well.

  • Thanks, but on those downloads pages the latest date I see is 2010-06-14 (X-Chat_Aqua-0.17.0-rc1-219-g81cc422.dmg) and the bug still exists in this version.  Maybe I misunderstood you.  Could you clarify?  Thanks very much!

  • true regarding the release date, false about the issue. the issue was known as #3 at http://github.com/tycho/xchat-aqua/issues and has been fixed by xover on 11.06.2010.

    anyway .. the current implementation is a workaround for apple bug #8055754 which _might_ not work perfectly.

  • paliometoxo

    so i dont understand, in simple terms how do you fix it so that pressing tab lots of times will work again?:)