UI features I miss in Aqua version

  • Johan Hanson
    Johan Hanson

    I'm a long-time Linux user, I gave myself a Mac for Christmas. X-Chat was the second app I downloaded and started. :)

    I miss a feature for reordering the channel tabs. X-Chat for Linux/X11 had buttons for moving the current window left and right.
    By the way, the tabs are quite ugly.. (under Linux I used my own theme ;) )

    Another feature I miss is user-defined key commands. For instance, I would like to press Ctrl-L to run "/clear". (a habit I got from using Unix shells)

    I also have a feature request that I will take with the main tree:
    I would like the /clear command to keep the scrollback - just move the last line to just above the visible area. Too many times, I have /clear'd to later find out that I had clear'ed away info that I needed. I had to check the log file to retrieve that information.

    / Johan

    • Steve Green
      Steve Green


      A lot of work has been done on the tabs, but reordering isn't included.  Just out of curiosity, why do you like to reorder the tabs?

      User defined key commands have also been neglected, but if the user menu editor allowed for assigning of key equivelents, would that suffice?  Please give me your honest assessment :)

      You can easily create your own version of clear that will do what you want.  Create a user command.. I called mine klear.  The value for the command is 30 or so lines that say "echo".  Please let me know if that works for you.

    • Sebastian Hahn
      Sebastian Hahn


      I am also missing a feature to reorder tabs - and that is because sometimes, my bnc drops a channel, and I like having my channels ordered in the same way and grouped together by topics. To reachieve that, I always have to close all the other channels as well and denn rejoin them - somewhat stupid procedure


    • Johan Hanson
      Johan Hanson

      I like to reorder the tabs for the same reason as Killerchicken - I want to have them in the same order all the time. They get out of order in timeouts, changed server etc., and of course I would prefer to get them in the same order as I am used to.
      Under Linux, I have configured to changing tabs with F-keys. F1:leftmost channel tab, F2:second tab from the left, etc. You see that this mapping is not only key->window, but also key->channel!

      The problems with your /klear command doing 30 /echo'es are many: it is hardcoded so it breaks if you make the window sufficiently large, there will be gaps in the scrollback and new text will appear at the bottom as opposed to the top where reading it is faster.

      The reason why I use /clear a lot is that it gets much faster to see if there is anything new written in the channel, because I don't have to read anything and try to remember what people said a while ago or check the time and compare with the timestamp.

    • Keith Brown
      Keith Brown

      I like having them in the same order consistantly as well. It just really bugs the shit out of me when they aren't. Also under Linux, I have my tab switching buttons configured to be alt left and alt right (to match for forward and back in browsers) and have my programmable mouse buttons set to that. Under OSX the forward and back combos are command [ and command ], but Xchat Aqua locks it at Shift Command Left/right, so I can't have things mapped the same unless I remap everything else (because I've tried using the keyboard utility to remap XCA, and it didnt work)