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#148 Channels inappropriately referred to as "tabs"


X-Chat Aqua uses the term "tabs" to refer to the various streams of information it presents -- channels, private chats, notices/snotices, and server messages.

This term is a bit implementation-centric to begin with -- it's like calling a series of options "Checkboxes" instead of "Options". It makes even less sense in Mac OS X 10.3 or later, because the controls X-Chat uses are not tabs, they're multi-part buttons (aka "segmented controls"). And it makes even less sense when "Show tabs at: Outline" is selected, because then an expanding list is used, and the list items don't look even *slightly* like tabs. :-)

There probably is no good name to encompass all the types of information X-Chat presents this way, but "Channels" would make more sense overall than "Tabs" does. This term could be used as the heading of the outline listbox, the name of the Preferences category, and throughout that Preferences pane.


  • Steve Green
    Steve Green

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    I guess it all depends on your definition of "tab". I always thought that a tabs didn't have to look like anything in particular. Instead, a tab is a button that selects the content of the tabbed area. While it's true that the tab control is really a segmented button, I didn't invent that concept.. Apple did, and Apple calls it NSTabView. As for "channels", keep in mind that there is no restriction as to what can be displayed as a tab in the tab view. Dcc chat, Dcc send and receive, raw log, etc.. To me, they are tabs even if they don't look like exactly like this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:System-preferences.png. I am leaving the bug open to see if anyone else wants to comment.