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[r769] by zed

faq.html: Mention Emacs bindings on Gnome 2.8+.
=== Bump to 2.4.4 ===

2005-06-20 14:09:59 Tree
[r768] by lsitu

Fixed an incorrect closing tag and added a small description for the hook functions.

2005-06-20 05:31:56 Tree
[r767] by zed

maingui.c: call unflash_window() in mg_tabwin_focus_cb too.

2005-06-19 14:24:13 Tree
[r766] by lsitu

This should fix the uninitialized error.

2005-06-13 15:41:31 Tree
[r765] by lsitu

Updated to include what is hopefully the last changes to the Perl plugin for a while.

2005-06-12 23:43:32 Tree
[r764] by lsitu

Fix typo in previous commit, should be word[count][0] == 0 not word[count][0] != 0.

2005-06-12 23:37:39 Tree
[r763] by lsitu

Fix for print callbacks such as "DCC Timeout" that may have NULL elements in between non-NULL elements.

2005-06-12 23:24:57 Tree
[r762] by lsitu

Swap strstr for strchr.

2005-06-11 16:03:44 Tree
[r761] by lsitu

Revert the New to malloc for data not used in Perl. Removed the strdup and free that are no longer needed in XS_Xchat_register. Fix issue with spaces being used for indenting.

2005-06-11 01:58:18 Tree
[r760] by lsitu

Reverted a few more changes in perl.c. Added check in XS_Xchat_unhook to deal with shutdown callbacks. Fixed variable name in

2005-06-10 15:03:39 Tree
[r759] by zed

plugin.c: Copy strings in xchat_plugingui_add() for perl.
servlist.c: Use default port -1, instead of 6667 [1216036].

2005-06-10 05:57:43 Tree
[r758] by lsitu

Change _fix_callback to match with it's move to Xchat::Embed namespace.

2005-06-09 14:19:39 Tree
[r757] by lsitu

Revert to old method of autoloading script.

2005-06-08 15:03:41 Tree
[r756] by lsitu

Added /reload which works like /load except it will unload a previously loaded copy of the script first.

2005-06-06 22:46:30 Tree
[r755] by zed

faq.html: Fix spelling mistakes (David Robins).
xchat.desktop: Add Chinese.
maingui.c: Unset the XUrgencyHint on window focus incase the WM doesn't (Adil).
dcc.c: s/dcc_read/dcc_read_chat in dcc_read_chat().

2005-06-06 06:05:32 Tree
[r754] by lsitu

Fix typo that prevented removal of things from the plugin window.

2005-06-05 19:43:00 Tree
[r753] by lsitu

Added message for attempting to load two scripts with the same filename.

2005-06-05 19:34:37 Tree
[r752] by lsitu

Add check for non-existent packages in warning handler.

2005-06-05 19:18:17 Tree
[r751] by lsitu

Remove leftover debug message.

2005-06-04 21:07:39 Tree
[r750] by lsitu

Fix handling of scripts with spaces in their path when using /load and /unload.

2005-06-04 17:05:37 Tree
[r749] by lsitu

Fixed multiple declarations of $package in Xchat::hook_fd.

2005-06-04 15:23:05 Tree
[r748] by lsitu

Updated to include changes for Perl.

2005-06-04 08:55:45 Tree
[r747] by lsitu

- fix bug that can leave the interpreter uninitialized
- removed enums for hook types since they aren't needed anymore
- removed the name member from HookData structure
- removed the PerlScript structure
- enabled individual script unloading
- enabled reloading scripts using XS modules
- moved some functions into Xchat::Embed
- implement Xchat::hook_fd

2005-06-04 08:53:20 Tree
[r746] by lsitu

Removed unnecessary flags from m//.

2005-06-04 08:44:28 Tree
[r745] by lsitu

Add a note about the shebang being ignored to the introduction.

2005-05-31 06:07:09 Tree
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