Commit Date  
[r1525] (HEAD) by lifeispain

Avoid other potential hook problems

2013-07-13 05:41:18 Tree
[r1524] by lifeispain

Fix plugin hook handling crash

2013-07-13 04:36:41 Tree
[r1523] by lsitu

Fix the check for argument count in hook_fd.

2013-03-01 03:51:08 Tree
[r1522] by lsitu

For gtk3. Change to single include instead of including individual headers.

2013-03-01 03:50:37 Tree
[r1521] by mooooooo
2012-07-27 03:07:08 Tree
[r1520] by lsitu

Add AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS since the extensions it enables are being used
and newer autoconf requires this declaration.
Bump the requirement to autoconf 2.60 which is when AC_USE_SYSTEM_EXTENSIONS
was added.
Bump the glib requirement to 2.12 since it's required by gtk 2.10.

2012-07-14 17:45:12 Tree
[r1519] by lsitu

Fix the callback fixing code to account for inner packages.

2012-07-14 17:21:35 Tree
[r1518] by lsitu

Only include dirent.h on non-WIN32 platforms.

2012-07-14 17:18:40 Tree
[r1517] by lsitu

Slightly more up to date information. :)

2012-07-14 17:18:12 Tree
[r1516] by lsitu

Remove obsolete checks for older versions of gtk and glib since gtk 2.10 and
glib 2.12 are the minimum requirements.

2012-07-14 17:18:00 Tree
[r1515] by lsitu

Make /ignore <nick> always add !*@* if <nick> does not contain ?
or *.

2012-07-07 23:39:59 Tree
[r1514] by lsitu

Keep track of the container script for the non-plugin generated packages.
Prevent two scripts that define the same package name from being loaded. This
is an extension of the existing restriction.
Unset $current_package after invoking a callback to avoid accdentally
associating hooks with the wrong script.
fix_callback() no longer needs to mangle fully qualified names since package
names are no longer manggled.

2012-07-07 23:39:41 Tree
[r1513] by lsitu

Add documentation for %scripts and $current_package in Xchat::Embed.
Remove the single package per script restriction. Each script is still
automatically wrapped in its own package.
Keep track of the packge(script name) whenever a hook is created in order to
allow callbacks which outside of a script and still be able to create hooks
from those callbacks.
Use newSVsv to copy instead of making a mortal copy and incrementing the
ref count.

2012-07-07 23:39:21 Tree
[r1512] by lsitu

Set the %INC value for bundled modules to "Compiled into the plugin."

2012-07-07 23:38:57 Tree
[r1511] by lsitu

Optimize for future laziness. :)
Use the native Windows functions for reading the directory listing instead
of open/read/closedir. Also filter out directories and hidden files.

2012-06-19 17:27:43 Tree
[r1510] by zed

Python: Autoload just like Perl does, also from 'plugins' subdir.

2012-06-19 09:53:33 Tree
[r1509] by zed

Typos in French

2012-06-19 09:50:38 Tree
[r1508] by lsitu

Minimize the number of JOINs sent for reconnecting instead of sending
one JOIN per opened channel.

2012-05-17 19:45:30 Tree
[r1507] by lsitu

Add missing help text for some commands.

2012-05-12 17:57:54 Tree
[r1506] by lsitu

Include the command(s) for changing a get_info value for those that
have one.

2012-05-04 19:16:09 Tree
[r1505] by lsitu

Add missing values for the type field in get_list( "channels" ).

2012-05-01 18:53:49 Tree
[r1504] by lsitu

When a network is collapsed, don't allow a lower level color to
override a higher level color.

2012-04-07 19:09:52 Tree
[r1503] by lsitu

Apply the size limit to the URL Grabber window as well.

2012-02-28 18:08:48 Tree
[r1502] by lsitu

Implement the url_grabber and url_grabber_limit settings.
Fix not being able to grab a URL if the URL is the first thing in
a message.

2012-02-28 18:08:32 Tree
[r1501] by lsitu

Add an option to always cycle regardless of completion_amount

2012-02-15 20:28:33 Tree
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