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[r1500] by lsitu

Emit "Topic Change" event before setting internal values to allow
plugins to access the old topic in the callback.

2012-02-14 19:59:56 Tree
[r1499] by zed

* Make it build on newer glib (2.31+) (dimstar) bug #3446968.
* Make buffer larger for /exec on unix.

2012-01-05 08:54:46 Tree
[r1498] by lsitu

Removed an extra '<'.

2011-09-15 21:01:39 Tree
[r1497] by lsitu

add links and references to Strawberry Perl in error messages

2011-09-15 21:00:59 Tree
[r1496] by zed

Don't remove user from userlist before emiting the event. This allows plugins to get information on the quiting user.
(Lian Wan Situ).

2011-05-24 10:25:00 Tree
[r1495] by zed

Updated list (luminoso).

2011-04-27 08:44:17 Tree
[r1494] by zed

Fix build failure without libproxy (Lian Wan Situ).

2011-04-14 08:25:35 Tree
[r1493] by zed

SF Bug #3280223 - link directly against libnotify (caillon).

2011-04-09 02:23:27 Tree
[r1492] by lsitu

Fix get_list( "networks" ) to not accumulate entries every time the
network list file changes.

2011-02-24 00:02:49 Tree
[r1491] by lsitu

Make it possible to change the event name when using a hook_print filter

2011-02-24 00:02:39 Tree
[r1490] by lsitu

tab should have been spaces

2011-02-24 00:02:27 Tree
[r1489] by zed

Bug #3017821 - Add support for libproxy (felipec).

"libproxy is a library that provides automatic proxy configuration management, it's usage greatly simplifies proxy configuration in XChat. For example, it's able to detect whether GNOME or KDE is running, and fetch the configuration from there, as well as environment variables, DConf, and other sources can be configured as modules.
In order to maintain the current proxy configurations, nothing will change unless the user selects the "Auto" proxy type."

2011-01-25 10:46:53 Tree
[r1488] by zed

Last peice of Favourite networks feature.

2011-01-25 10:28:02 Tree
[r1487] by zed

Added PIRC.PL to default network list.

2011-01-25 10:26:25 Tree
[r1486] by lsitu

Fix using filter with hook_print.
Move the event name argument for the callback to the end so the
arguments will match those for regular print hooks.

2011-01-14 09:25:51 Tree
[r1485] by lsitu

Specific the list of files to include instead of using the dir since that
will also grab the .svn dir during make dist

2011-01-14 01:00:50 Tree
[r1484] by lsitu

remove the Pod directory

2011-01-14 00:54:00 Tree
[r1483] by lsitu

update generators for the new structure

2011-01-14 00:15:11 Tree
[r1482] by lsitu

split the various packages into their own files

2011-01-14 00:14:58 Tree
[r1481] by lsitu

preparing for restructuring to put individual packages into separate files

2011-01-13 23:56:20 Tree
[r1480] by lsitu

set $Xchat::VERSION to the xchat version so scripts can require a minimum
supported version

2011-01-13 23:56:00 Tree
[r1479] by zed

Bug #3078386 - lagometer and throttlemeter fix for win32 (viktor).

2010-12-28 03:16:33 Tree
[r1478] by zed

Bug #3078399 - center server tab close dialog (viktor).

2010-12-28 03:04:56 Tree
[r1477] by zed

Bug #3078380 - Missing comma in fields list (viktor).

2010-12-28 02:56:41 Tree
[r1476] by zed

Bug #3078376 - Win32 python load fix (viktor).

2010-12-28 02:50:23 Tree
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