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[r1009] by zed

* Update Automake & Autoconf macros (Brian Pepple).
* plugin.c: don't calc the hash twice. remove useless memset.
* plugin20.html: Add warnings about xchat_emit_print.

2006-05-22 14:47:10 Tree
[r1008] by zed

adjust table packing

2006-05-21 11:33:47 Tree
[r1007] by zed

switch the session-independant items in xchat_get_info first.

2006-05-21 03:46:30 Tree
[r1006] by zed

ctcp.c: In CTCP sound, check for '\' on win32.
servlist.c: Fixed debian bug #364858.
setup.c: Check prefs.autodccsend == 1 for the big warning.

2006-05-18 04:31:16 Tree
[r1005] by zed

Add support for opening a Save Dialog for receiving dcc.

2006-05-17 08:05:46 Tree
[r1004] by zed

Fix some memory bugs.

2006-05-17 07:59:35 Tree
[r1003] by zed

Disable hidden-char in rawlog so CTCPs arn't truncated.

2006-05-13 09:27:52 Tree
[r1002] by zed

* faq.html: s/pidentd/oidentd.
* servlist.c: Added "DeltaAnime".
* New translations: sr, de.

2006-05-06 04:16:23 Tree
[r1001] by zed

*** empty log message ***

2006-05-01 08:55:57 Tree
[r1000] by zed

* Standardized a few button labels, s/"Add"/"Add..." s/"Save"/"Save As..." etc.
* New Spanish translation po file.

2006-05-01 08:55:15 Tree
[r999] by zed

* setup.c - fix incorrect unslash() func.
* Add "DarkMyst" network.
* focus existing tab on /query nick.
* Notify stuff:
* Add "Open Dialog" button.
* Make buttons context sensitive.
* Fix a memleak.

2006-04-30 12:11:18 Tree
[r998] by zed

Dont accept CTRL-Enter when using gtktextview, it can be used for multiline editing.

2006-04-23 07:31:40 Tree
[r997] by zed

make WHOWAS also respect irc_whois_front setting.

2006-04-23 07:07:38 Tree
[r996] by zed

migrate to the new GtkComboBox.

2006-04-23 06:01:49 Tree
[r995] by zed

Make the setup window a little neater and disable widgets when appropriate.

2006-04-23 05:23:50 Tree
[r994] by zed

Added a Browse button to the DCC download dir settings, which lets you select a folder via GUI.

2006-04-20 08:14:15 Tree
[r993] by zed

merge some strings.

2006-04-18 09:38:35 Tree
[r992] by zed

use textevents' sound_play routine for ctcp sound.

2006-04-18 06:50:18 Tree
[r991] by zed

Update ipnat faq Q.

2006-04-17 08:27:44 Tree
[r990] by lsitu

Turn on UTF8 flag for things that need it.

2006-04-16 23:43:11 Tree
[r989] by lsitu

Don't do anything if a modifier is used with tab.

2006-04-16 23:41:24 Tree
[r988] by zed

*** empty log message ***

2006-04-16 15:32:17 Tree
[r987] by zed

fix 10 year old bug where the separator line disappeared in /lastlog.

2006-04-16 15:15:58 Tree
[r986] by zed

preserve timestamps in /lastlog.

2006-04-16 14:42:27 Tree
[r985] by zed

Add support for MS Proxy (ISA server) via libntlm (Pavel Fedin).

2006-04-16 08:11:26 Tree
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