#200 option to throttle/floodblock your own input

Peter Kirby

Sometimes I get a bad bit of copy/paste and it flies over the screen, sometimes I just get excited, but for whatever reason, I sometimes flood the channels I am in unintentionally (or intentionally...but dumb!).

I would definitely use a feature that, when toggled on, enforced a delay of x second between ENTER key events pushing text to the channel. That is, if I pushed text to channel in less than x seconds ago, and I then press the enter key for more input, the ENTER key is non-responsive or plays a sound for error.

Ways to get around it are:

(1) Leave the option unselected (is by defeault)
(2) Pressing a keybind, such as SHIFT-Enter, forces the push to chat anyway.

Benefit would be fairly good for a small subset of users who actually find the option, compared to my understanding of how hard it would be to do the code for this throttle. Thanks for reading.