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XChat-Ruby 1.2

Released version 1.2. Fixed bugs with the print functions. Added x86_64 release. Added xcode project for compiling a universal shared library on Mac OS X 10.4.

Posted by gwon 2007-04-26

XChat-Ruby 1.1

XChat-Ruby is a plugin for the XChat IRC client that allows you to use and develop plugins (for XChat) in the Ruby language.

Released version 1.1. This is mostly a bug fix release, but it also improves how the plugin plays with Ruby 1.8. The binary releases of 1.1 are for 1.8 only, and will almost certainly NOT work with 1.6.x. However, the source code (if you aren't afraid of compiling the plugin yourself) should compile cleanly if you only have Ruby 1.6.x installed.... read more

Posted by Jamis Buck 2003-08-08

XChat-Ruby 1.0 for Windows

Okay, if I'd only waited a little longer, I would have seen that it wasn't really that hard to do a windows version. Anywhere, a windows version is now available for the XChat-Ruby plugin. Read the INSTALL file for more info on where to put it.

Posted by Jamis Buck 2003-06-09

XChat-Ruby 1.0

For those of you that are into writing plugins for XChat (http://www.xchat.org), you can now write them in Ruby! The XChat-Ruby plugin is now available for Linux, and is just awaiting some enterprising soul to tackle the job of compiling it for windows.


Posted by Jamis Buck 2003-06-09