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CACert.Org - And How?


  • Anonymous

    I have signed up with cacert.org and grabbed their root.crt and class3.crt.  Next I want to create as CSR based off of those files, however, the radio option to select the root certs is not available.  I'm assuming that this is what I need in order to pop it over to my server for openssh, vpn access, ftps access, et al.  I'm terribly new to this key stuff, but I need to learn it in order to be a better admin.

  • For creating a CSR you don't need their CA certs. Just create a new request and set the "commonName" to your domain like www.mydomain.com. During this process you also create a private key by clicking "Generate a new key" on the subject Tab.
    Export the resulting CSR and send it to CaCert.org. They will in  return reply with  a certificate. You can then use this cert and the previously created private key for your servers.

    Alternatively, you may setup your own Test CA  with XCA by following http://xca.sourceforge.net/xca-15.html and make yourself familiar with all this cert-request-key stuff before requesting an official cacert.org certificate.


  • Anonymous

    Ah! I had it backwards then.  Thank you very much for the answer!