openssl engine support

  • Antonio Araujo
    Antonio Araujo

    hi friends of xca, i would like to know if it is possible to use openssl engine CHIL in xca to perform criptographics operations with an HSM nCipher nShield F3 PCI like signing certificates. i mean accessing private key stored on HSM via openssl engine CHIL.

    could anyone give some hints to do that?
    how to use or define openssl engine CHIL?


    antonio araujo


    • Actually I'm pretty busy porting xca to QT4.

      The next thing I will do is smart-card support.
      Maybe in Summer im ready to start working on that topic.

      That sounds like a REAL challange:
      hardware dependencies, different approaches: pc/sc, PKCS#11, java, different OSs to support like WIN, MAC ,UNIX.

      If you want to start coding on this, contact me first to coordinate work. I also think that going with OpenSSL Engine is a good idea, because XCA entirely uses OpenSSL.