Windows v0.5.1 <> Linux v0.5.1

  • a2z


    Initially I started using XCA on Windows, but
    now I want to use XCA on Linux (Debian).

    I thought if I installed the same version of XCA on
    both platforms I could simply copy 'xca.db' to my
    Linux box and voila..

    Well, apparently, Windows version has been compiled with BDB v4.1.25 and Linux version
    with BDB v3.2.9. Therefore, I can not simply
    transfer the xca.db over to Linux (which expects
    an earlier file format).

    I really do not want to sit down and regenerate
    the whole package.

    Is there a way to overcome this version problem.

    • The best way is to export them on windows and to import them
      on linux.
      Keys, requests, CRLs and templates can be exported one-by-one :-( and imported at once
      (just select all keys, requests or crls on import)
      All Certificates can be dumped in one file (PKCS#7 all certificates)
      and imported at once from this file on linux.

    • a2z

      > The best way is to export them on windows
      > and to import them  on linux.

      I was afraid you'd say that.

      Does anyone know someway to export BDB data
      to some common format and then import that stuff
      at some other end?

      • Tim Middleton
        Tim Middleton

        Berkley DB comes with a db_dump utility that converts the db to a more portable plain text version. For version 3 look for db3_dump. All versoins I know of comes with a version of db_dump which exports to version 1.85 format. Presumably this is the most compatible format (i don't know if db4 can read db3_dump files---i've not tried it).

        Anyhow, look for db3_dump and/or db3_dump185 ...

        The corresponding util to look for is then db4_load or db41_load.

        Again, i have no idea if this will work across versions... but it might.

    • I meant to export them using XCA and not DB tools....
      I know it can be annoying if you have a lot of keys.

      Solution 1)
      Try the dump and load programs:
      db4_dump and db3_load

      Solution 2)
      recompile xca with db-4.1.25 support on linux

      Solution 3)
      wait for the next version of xca, that comes with a "DB dump" function. This dumped data can be easily imported by other xca implementations independent of the DB version

      Also take care of the log.000000001 file in the XCA directory. It is important and may not be lost.

    • Miguel Angel
      Miguel Angel

      I have compiled xca in Linux with db version 4.2.52, the format should be compatible.
      But to my surprise, the error that I get is
      'Ignorin log file [...] unsupported log version 8'
      'PANIC: Invalid log file'

      Any clues?