#72 Error when create certificate with CRL distribution point

Basil Peace

When I try to create new certificate (for CA) with field CRL distribution point set, I get error message:
"Внимание произошла ошибка:
error:2208E094:X509 V3 routines:X509V3_get_section:operation not defined"


  • Iain Hallam
    Iain Hallam

    Similar here. Using "Edit" in the dialog and setting a URL give the following error when I click Apply or Validate:

    Validation failed:
    '<my URL>'
    error:22075075:X509 V3 routines:v2i_GENERAL_NAME_ex:unsupported option

    Different error, but I can't create this certificate with a CRL DP. Works fine without one.

  • Sorry, but I can not reproduce it.
    Can you post an example URL that fails ?
    Or a short reply that the issue was solved by other means ?

  • Basil Peace
    Basil Peace

    The issue was solved after use of 'Edit' button.
    I tried to enter something like http://grv87.ftp.sh/cert/GRV87CA.pem directly in that field.
    The right form should be URI:http://grv87.ftp.sh/cert/GRV87CA.pem. Right?
    Now I see, that it is described at openssl help page.

    Maybe you could make the following behavior changes:
    1) if there is error in CLR distibution point, or some other fields, the program should show error and offer to correct it. Now, when error occurs, window "Create certificate" is already closed. It is discouraged and looks like a bug. And user have to input all info again.
    2) if user have entered something (wrong) in the field and then press 'Edit', the wrong information is in edit window. I think that user should be informed about wrong values before trying to edit them.
    In other words, info that potentially could be wrong, should be parsed when pressing buttons, but not after it.

    • status: open --> pending-fixed
  • Added user-friendlyness in 0.9.2

    • status: pending-fixed --> closed-fixed