How to get Dimension information.

  • Youichi Kato
    Youichi Kato

    Please show sample getting the dimension information.

    I tried the following code, but did not work. (I got empty list.);
      FragmentList<Hypercube> fragments = store
         .<Hypercube> getFragments("org.xbrlapi.xdt.HypercubeImpl");

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    --- Katoy ---

    • The dimensional features are still under heavy development and have not been included in a file release so I am guessing that you are working from a version that has been compiled from the source repository.  If that is the case, then the code you are running seems fine. It is worth checking that the input documents do contain hypercubes.  There is a unit test dedicated to hypercube fragment detection and that may be worth using as a template.  If you are still having troubles, consider looking at the code around line 113 in


      Geoff Shuetrim