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XMLBridge Next Generation / News: Recent posts

Support Forum back online

After a spam attack against the XBridgeNG support forum I decided to take the project forums down until the issue has been solved. Sourceforge however feels unable to protect the forums from spamming. Therefore the XBridgeNG support forum does not allow anonymous postings anymore. Please log in to sourceforge to use the support forum.


Posted by Brian Rosenberger 2008-09-27

XBridgeNG-1.0.3 released

XBridgeNG-1.0.3 does contain small fixes.



Change History:

- Introduced "namespace" variable. Does make more sense for the "name" property.
- Fix for #2005290: XrefSQLHandler mixes IDs up
and # 2014340 Can't call commit when autocommit=true
- Added more details to property files.
- Added more detailed error message if perforce executable could not be found.

Posted by Brian Rosenberger 2008-07-19

XBridgeNG-1.0.2 released - update is highly recommended

XBridgeNG-1.0.2 does contain small fixes.
An update is highly recommended.



Posted by Brian Rosenberger 2008-02-08

XBridgeNG-1.0.1 released

Posted by Brian Rosenberger 2008-01-14

XBridgeNG-1.0.0 released

The formerly closed source XBridgeNG package is now available as open source under the MPL 1.1 license. Few modifications to the code have been necessary to make this possible, however XBridgeNG-1.0.0 is compatible to the old package "XBridgeNG-1.0RC2".



Download: read more

Posted by Brian Rosenberger 2008-01-04

Documentation upload complete

The documentation for XBridgeNG (formerly known as 'XBridgeNG_Administrator_Guide') has been uploaded to the projects website

Posted by Brian Rosenberger 2007-12-16