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  • Jim Edwards
    Jim Edwards

    I had previously worked on a patch for mplayer that fixed the LiveTV buffer lengths (if you FF past liveTV end-of-buffer, it ends the show).  However, I thought of a better approach (and thus never released the previous patch).  I implemented, in XMBC, the ability to open files on a myth-backend.  It seems to be working well, and would eliminate the need for Samba shares on the myth-backend :)  This would greatly reduce the configuration problems (and simplify it).  However, before I submit the patch to XBMC, I would like some additional testing.  If anyone is capable of building XBMC, and is interesting in testing this patch, please post here and I will send it to you.  It includes a patch to XBMC CVS, and a new set of scripts that I hacked together.

    • frooby

      Sounds excellent would love to try it. Please send it through and I will try and take a look asap.

    • Stilger

      Please send it. I would like to test this. I build my own XBMC. Thanks..

    • balthisar

      I've recently aquired a method by which I can have XBMC compiled for the express purpose of working on MythTV (yes, I know the script proper is Python). So I'd be more than willing to test it. I know that your change hasn't been committed into source as of mid-December, since this very thing is one of my peeves in XBMC.