Commit Date  
[r18344] by davilla

update README.osx

2009-03-09 00:38:24 Tree
[r18343] by spiff_

fixed: don't save tvshow path hash unless the update suceeds (2)

2009-03-09 00:20:47 Tree
[r18342] by spiff_

fixed: don't save tvshow path hash unless the update suceeds

2009-03-09 00:15:56 Tree
[r18341] by spiff_

added: ticket #6024 - Clear window properties at
plugin root or virtual root for media windows.
thanks to nuka1195

2009-03-08 23:31:11 Tree
[r18340] by bobo1on1

removed: Sleep which causes low fps on ATI

2009-03-08 21:27:11 Tree
[r18339] by motd2k

changes to reduce vdpau video corruption after xrandr switch

2009-03-08 20:43:42 Tree
[r18338] by bobo1on1

added: don't sync clock if decoder was late

2009-03-08 20:24:09 Tree
[r18337] by maestrodd

added initial zeroconf implementation for discussion:
-osx only
-only webserver is published
-no update when webserver is disabled/enabled / port changes

2009-03-08 18:12:07 Tree
[r18336] by maestrodd

branched for zeroconf support (publishing first, directory support to follow?)

2009-03-08 16:24:52 Tree
[r18335] by motd2k

added null check to ConfigVDPAU

2009-03-08 15:56:36 Tree
[r18334] by arnova

[XBOX] changed: Don't blindly force DVDPlayer for some streams like on Linuxport.

2009-03-08 09:51:29 Tree
[r18333] by jezz_x

Fixed : [PM.HD] Episode fanart view description text was partially covered after r18174 changes

2009-03-08 07:05:08 Tree
[r18332] by jezz_x

Reverted : 1 of the " This will delete your files and cannot be undone." in the delete file dialog. I don't care how dumb users are it doesn't need to be in the dialog twice

2009-03-08 06:05:19 Tree
[r18331] by motd2k

moved checkRecover. Yes, again...

2009-03-07 21:59:11 Tree
[r18330] by davilla

fixed, osx/linux stopping video in fs would return to windowed if xbmc not started -fs. Also disable videoplayer.adjustrefreshrate for osx, not implemented (yet).

2009-03-07 21:48:41 Tree
[r18329] by motd2k

reverted changes to random unrelated files

2009-03-07 21:39:00 Tree
[r18328] by motd2k

stability fixes

2009-03-07 21:35:02 Tree
[r18327] by motd2k

cosmetics - renamed m_VDPAU, moved externs to header

2009-03-07 18:28:03 Tree
[r18326] by wiso

[WIN32]: hook also dlls inside our cache folder (needed for r18312). You're welcome davilla :)

2009-03-07 17:30:43 Tree
[r18325] by wiso

workaround to get midis working. even using the old dll path seems not to wrap the open command in timidity.dll.

2009-03-07 17:20:59 Tree
[r18324] by spiff_

fixed: ticket #6030 - XBMC compilation error on PPC64. thanks to stintel

2009-03-07 14:04:35 Tree
[r18323] by spiff_

fixed: GUITextureSDL did not compile. not sure it is correct, but atleast it is better :)

2009-03-07 13:26:15 Tree
[r18322] by spiff_


2009-03-07 13:08:37 Tree
[r18321] by spiff_

fixed: ticket #6029 - TMDb movie information, number of votes is missing

2009-03-07 11:15:38 Tree
[r18320] by spiff_

fixed: forgotten member declarations

2009-03-07 11:09:38 Tree
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