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subtitles Log

Commit Date  
[8d0a7b] (gotham) by amet amet

"script.subtitles.ui" depends

2013-03-08 20:24:10 Tree
[da7b9d] by amet amet

API needs "XBMC Subtitles" for login

2013-03-08 20:21:50 Tree
[652a9e] by amet amet

[service.subtitles.opensubtitles] -v 5.0.0

2013-03-08 19:39:20 Tree
[909927] by amet amet

[script.subtitles.ui] -v 5.0.0

initial commit

2013-03-08 19:38:47 Tree
[a697dc] by Cory Fields Cory Fields

initial commit

2013-03-08 19:25:35 Tree