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scripts Log

Commit Date  
[4acf5b] by amet amet

[script.image.bigpictures] -v 1.5.3

Added: New Scraper ""
Added: New Scraper " LightBox - Closeup"
Changed: How using 'keep' as default aspect-ratio (press 0 or set in settings to change)
Fixed: html codes in title from some "Atlantic in focus" albums
Changed: The spinning loading animation logic
Fixed: ATV2-Remote Keymaps

2012-01-27 20:13:30 Tree
[1bd810] by taxigps taxigps

[script.lrclyrics] v1.3.5 - fixed: can't split some lyrics at right point

2012-01-25 03:57:37 Tree
[395804] by amet amet

[script.transmission] -v 0.6.2

- Updated transmissionrpc library to 0.8 (Now supports Transmission 2.40+)

2012-01-07 16:24:07 Tree
[18782a] by taxigps taxigps

[script.lrclyrics] fixed: ATV2 not able to exit lyrics window while song is playing. Added handling for ATV2 menu button. credits to d744000

2012-01-05 05:40:19 Tree
[ab72ec] by amet amet

[script.xbmc.subtitles] -v 2.5.16

- fix: Subscenter service version 1.3 - Fixed null values in website dictionary, thx orivar
- fix: Subdivix, thx Enric Godes

2011-12-25 17:20:29 Tree
[0d7f26] by amet amet

[script.transmission] -v 0.6.1

* Add torrent button now supports various search sites as well as adding locally downloaded .torrent files

2011-12-25 17:19:30 Tree
[5d2670] by amet amet

[weather.weatherplus] -v2.8.1

- Added : [] Chance of precipitation
- Fixed : [] Current temperatures were not converted to F

2011-12-21 09:26:00 Tree
[3f2ebc] by amet amet

[] -v0.9.7

0.9.7 (12/2011)
* bugfix: loading skin files with PAL resolution might have failed

Browse Games:
* bugfix: imageplacing option "Four small" did not work in Eden

0.9.6 (12/2011)
* bugfix: config was not updated after Edit Rom Collection

Import Games:
* new scraper: local artwork - don't scrape anything, just check for local artwork

Browse Games:
* add video support to MAME views
* Night skin: set focus on console filter when accessing filter controls

0.9.5 (12/2011)
Import Games:
* add scraper to config.xml

Browse Games
* move autoplay video from script to skin
* add new options to "Edit Rom Collection" dialog: autoplay video
* remove imageplacing options with video support
* improvement of browsing and list loading performance
* more filter control interaction: all filter controls will be updated from left to right
* add video support to Night showcase view
* stop video when changing filters or launch context menu
* bugfix: fullscreen video now works auto video playback is turned on
* bugfix: game name does not change after video playback is stopped in game info dialog

0.9.4 (11/2011)
* little refactoring of startup code (better timing and more stability)
* don't crash when import zlib fails (not available with some python 2.6 distributions)

Import Games:
* new scraper:

Browse Games
* filter control interaction: update Genre, Year and Publisher filter when console is changed
* short delay before applying filter selection
* add background and extraImage1, 2, 3 to game info dialog
* add console, version, perspective to game info dialog

2011-12-21 09:14:40 Tree
[4b71cf] by ronie ronie

[weather.weatherplus] -v2.8.0

Multi-threading supported

2011-12-17 13:36:04 Tree
[295aaf] by amet amet

[script.xbmc.subtitles] -v2.5.15

- fixed: Subcenter, thx orivar

2011-12-03 16:30:54 Tree
[c207b0] by amet amet

[script.image.bigpictures] -v1.5.2

2011-12-02 18:06:25 Tree
[2acc11] by amet amet

[script.module.brightcove] -v 0.1.1

- * Fix broken API methods.
- * Add unit tests.

2011-11-27 13:08:10 Tree
[ed4358] by amet amet

[weather.weatherplus] -v2.5.2

- initial commit

2011-11-22 05:53:45 Tree
[b2e74f] by amet amet

[] -v 0.4.4

- Fixed API changes
- Title, album, etc. is shown as "Now playing" instead of merely stream.php

2011-11-22 05:49:06 Tree
[935e74] by amet amet

[script.xbmc.subtitles] -v 2.5.14

- fixed searching for some tvshows in service, thx Libor

- fixed: Turkish translation, thx queeup

2011-11-17 21:15:38 Tree
[ee6d72] by amet amet

[script.module.brightcove] -v 0.1

- Intial release

2011-11-16 19:40:35 Tree
[c4cd2f] by spiff spiff

[script.image.bigpictures] -v1.5.1

2011-11-07 14:23:31 Tree
[d4189a] by amet amet

755 - > 644

2011-11-03 18:33:21 Tree
[1e5af3] by amet amet

[script.extrafanartdownloader] -v 0.2.1

- Added: Movie Extrathumbs downloading
- Fixed: New TMDB image locations on site
Advisable is to delete all existing movie extrafanart folders

2011-11-03 18:18:25 Tree
[057ca8] by amet amet

[] -v0.9.3

2011-11-03 18:15:15 Tree
[e4fe36] by amet amet

[script.extrafanartdownloader] -v0.2.0

Initial realease of Dharma version
- Added some basic support for smb:// sources
- Added silent downloading in background
- Added Extrafanart limiter (maximum fanart/language/no text)
- Added download backup folder for fanart
- More extensive error checking
- More extensive debug logging
- Updated skin integration examples
- Open Settings on first run
- Added option to centralize fanart storage
- Splitting code into libraries
- Added skin integration options (see readme file)
- Initial commit
- Added to official XBMC-repo

2011-10-23 19:48:32 Tree
[36634c] by amet amet

[script.xbmc.subtitles] -v2.5.12

- fixed: Napisy24pl, thx mrto

2011-10-21 16:58:32 Tree
[dbff93] by amet amet

[script.xbmc.subtitles] -v 2.5.11

- fixed: Sratim service, thx orivar

2011-10-14 20:41:27 Tree
[f6e9b5] by amet amet

[script.moviequiz] -v 0.4.4

[B]Version 0.4.4 - 2011-09-27[/B]
- Improved checks for invalid settings that could cause lock-ups and crashes
- Improved question logic error handling
- Improved visual feedback while loading

[B]Version 0.4.3 - 2011-09-19[/B]
- [B]You must re-download IMDB files[/B], due to speed-optimizations in lookups
- By popular demand: re-added MySQL support
- New question type
- What TV show is this quote from?
- Fanart from

2011-10-14 20:17:58 Tree
[9e3076] by amet amet

[script.pseudotv] - v 2.0.0

New advanced channel rule system.
Share channels between multiple systems.
Addition of Dutch language (thanks Machine-Sanctum).
Support for MOV file parsing.
Multiple thread deletion issues fixed.
Background channel loading.
EPG bugs fixed.
Support for directory-type channels.
Select mode for background channel thread.
EPG drawing optimization.
Select between 12-hour and 24-hour clock.
Better channel creation for first-time users.
Much better time accuracy between restarts.
Added Xeebo skin (thanks Steveb).

2011-10-14 20:13:02 Tree
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