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File Date Author Commit
script.audio.grooveshark 2011-03-11 amet amet [5cb0de] [script.audio.grooveshark] -v0.4.1:
script.bootable.disk.wizard 2010-11-29 Zeljko Ametovic Zeljko Ametovic [24620a] [script.bootable.disk.wizard] -v0.9.9
script.cdart 2010-08-03 Cory Fields Cory Fields [5552bc] [script.cdart] retry. initial version (1.0.0). ...
script.cdartmanager 2011-03-14 amet amet [e74781] [script.cdartmanager] -v 1.2.9
script.cu.lyrics 2010-12-23 amet amet [7353b4] [script.cu.lyrics] -v1.0.1
script.favourites 2011-01-29 amet amet [e4f0ee] [script.favourites] -v 1.0.6
script.filecleaner 2011-01-16 amet amet [ed8138] [script.filecleaner] EOL fixup
script.forum.browser 2011-01-23 amet amet [b505fb] [script.forum.browser] -v 0.8.2
script.games.rom.collection.browser 2011-02-14 amet amet [135cb4] [script.games.rom.collection.browser] -v0.8.1
script.games.xbmame 2011-03-31 amet amet [1cf6cf] [script.games.xbmame] -v 2.0.1
script.gmail.checker 2010-11-29 Zeljko Ametovic Zeljko Ametovic [6dc90a] [script.gmail.checker] -v 1.0.4
script.image.bigpictures 2011-03-24 amet amet [0643b3] [ script.image.bigpictures0 -v1.4.0
script.image.lastfm.slideshow 2011-03-01 amet amet [d5c93f] [script.image.lastfm.slideshow] -v0.0.3
script.libraryautoupdate 2010-09-25 amet amet [db8114] [script.libraryautoupdate] - v0.3.2
script.logo-downloader 2011-03-09 amet amet [1199d9] [script.logo-downloader] -v2.3.0
script.lrclyrics 2010-12-22 f3k f3k [825371] [script.lrclyrics] Added new icon
script.module.danishaddons 2011-01-25 spiff spiff [218c32] [script.module.danishaddons] initial version (1...
script.module.dialogaddonscan 2010-12-08 amet amet [c76316] [script.module.dialogaddonscan]
script.module.myconnpy 2011-03-27 amet amet [ddd460] [script.module.myconnpy] -v 0.3.2
script.mpdc 2011-03-14 amet amet [5d58a0] [script.mpdc] -v 1.0.2
script.mymediadb 2011-03-18 amet amet [464cbe] [script.mymediadb] -v 0.1.3
script.mythbox 2011-01-26 amet amet [6e374f] [script.mythbox] - 1.0.2
script.onmytv 2011-01-30 freezy freezy [713254] [script.onmytv] Added new icon.
script.pseudotv 2011-03-05 amet amet [e1be84] [script.pseudotv] -v1.0.1
script.pypredefcom 2010-11-29 spiff spiff [20be80] [script.pypredefcom] version bump to 0.9.1 to h...
script.qlock 2011-02-07 amet amet [cf6f77] [script.qlock] -v0.1.1
script.randomitems 2011-03-27 amet amet [99b497] [script.randomitems] bump version to 1.0.11
script.recentlyadded 2011-02-23 amet amet [b8f35a] [script.recentlyadded] - v2.0.5:
script.rss.editor 2010-12-28 amet amet [80c4d0] [script.rss.editor] -v1.6.1
script.sharethetv 2010-12-23 amet amet [9f6981] [script.sharethetv] -v1.1.0
script.skin.news 2011-02-01 amet amet [438784] [script.skin.news] -v1.0.0
script.trakt 2011-01-30 amet amet [c35d95] [script.trakt] -v 0.1.3
script.transmission 2010-09-04 amet amet [05abbe] [script.transmission] - v0.5.2, Updated with a ...
script.tv.show.next.aired 2010-10-18 Zeljko Ametovic Zeljko Ametovic [9d92c6] [script.tv.show.next.aired]
script.tvrage.com 2011-01-28 amet amet [198edb] [script.tvrage.com] -v1.0.4
script.web.viewer 2011-03-31 amet amet [0bc7d7] [script.web.viewer] -v 0.7.8
script.wol 2010-09-23 Zeljko Ametovic Zeljko Ametovic [5c69ee] [script.wol] initial commit -v1.0.0
script.xbmc.audio.mixer 2010-11-29 Zeljko Ametovic Zeljko Ametovic [440b39] [script.xbmc.audio.mixer]- v1.0.6
script.xbmc.debug.log 2010-11-08 amet amet [1d9fba] [script.xbmc.debug.log] -v0.5.8
script.xbmc.subtitles 2011-03-27 amet amet [2601de] [script.xbmc.subtitles] -v 2.4.2