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audiopy 2002-09-11 doerwalter doerwalter [484b45] Apply diff2.txt from SF patch http://www.python...
bgen 2004-07-18 tim_one tim_one [b64f56] Whitespace normalization, via
buildbot 2006-10-09 tim.peters tim.peters [675e5b] Move fetching of encoding test files from the e...
compiler 2004-09-12 tim_one tim_one [fd91dd] Whitespace normalization.
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framer 2004-07-18 tim_one tim_one [b64f56] Whitespace normalization, via
freeze 2006-03-23 anthony.baxter anthony.baxter [565920] update - still some old .cvsignore files lying ...
i18n 2006-04-06 georg.brandl georg.brandl [49f343] Bug #1451341: find fuzzy marks correctly.
modulator 2004-07-18 tim_one tim_one [b64f56] Whitespace normalization, via
msi 2008-12-13 martin.v.loewis martin.v.loewis [a58a73] Add 2.4.6 uuids.
pynche 2006-01-01 barry.warsaw barry.warsaw [f48999] Patch by Ori Avtalion to fix a minor display gl...
scripts 2006-03-24 neal.norwitz neal.norwitz [1bc399] Backport:
unicode 2004-08-04 perky perky [c0a1f5] SF #989185: Drop unicode.iswide() and unicode.w...
versioncheck 2004-07-18 tim_one tim_one [b64f56] Whitespace normalization, via
webchecker 2004-07-18 tim_one tim_one [b64f56] Whitespace normalization, via
world 2002-07-15 bwarsaw bwarsaw [7d9b52] Added the "weird" ccTLDs ac, gg, im, and je. T...
README 2003-06-14 gvanrossum gvanrossum [342a06] Get rid of old IDLE. Lib/idlelib rules!

Read Me

This directory contains a number of Python programs that are useful
while building or extending Python.

audiopy		Audiopy is a program to control the Solaris audio
		device, allowing you to choose both the input and
		output devices, and to set the output volume, that can
		be run either as a command-line script, or as a
		Tkinter application.

bgen		Generate complete extension modules from a
		description.  Still under development!

compiler	Tools used to maintain the compiler package in the
		standard library.

faqwiz		FAQ Wizard.
		for a live example.

freeze		Create a stand-alone executable from a Python program.

i18n		Tools for internationalization. 
		parses Python source code and generates .pot files,
		and generates a binary message catalog 
		from a catalog in text format.

modulator	Interactively generate boiler plate for an extension
		module.	 Works easiest if you have Tk.

pynche		A Tkinter-based color editor.

scripts		A number of useful single-file programs, e.g.
		(by Tim Peters), which checks for inconsistent mixing
		of tabs and spaces.

unicode		Tools used to generate unicode database files for
		Python 2.0 (by Fredrik Lundh).

versioncheck	A tool to automate checking whether you have the latest
		version of a package (by Jack Jansen).

webchecker	A link checker for web sites.

world		Script to take a list of Internet addresses and print
		out where in the world those addresses originate from,
		based on the top-level domain country code found in
		the address.