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plugins Log

Commit Date  
[b05607] by beenje beenje

[plugin.image.mypicsdb] updated to version 1.3.4

2013-02-06 20:43:27 Tree
[bbb38d] by beenje beenje

[plugin.image.mypicsdb] updated to version 1.2.9

2012-12-04 20:58:12 Tree
[698476] by spiff spiff

[plugin.image.mypicsdb] updated to version 1.1.1

2012-10-08 07:12:03 Tree
[db8611] by spiff spiff

[plugin.image.mypicsdb] initial version (1.1.0). thanks to Alexsolex, Xycl, MikeBZH44

2012-09-12 06:38:43 Tree
[9e0ee9] by Martijn Kaijser Martijn Kaijser

[plugin.image.mypicsdb] -v1.0.0

2012-08-03 18:24:41 Tree