*addon -   skin.xperience-more
*version - 1.3.0
*url - git://github.com/Nessus85100/Xperience.More.git
*revision – c8f1837 
*branch - master
*xbmc version – eden
• Reorganized fonts and strings code to localize the skin more easily by using as much is possible XBMC internal strings.
• Initial support for Greek language (needs more work).
• Support for Weather Fanart PDA style script (Home Weather Panel and Weather Window).
• Support for Music Record Labels logos.
• Added search movies by Director in VideoInfo dialog.
• Added independent TextViewer, needed in some addons settings.
• Fixed wrong focus animation in FullWall View.
• Fixed Global Search context menu.
• Fixed missing Dialog File Stacking.
• Updated skins dependencies.