Updated, thanks!

Btw, I guess you overlooked one (https://github.com/moreginger/xbmc-plugin.video.ted.talks/blob/frodo/resources/lib/plugin.py#L29) ;)

Regarding the tests: Just do it like you want. Even having print statements is ok if you have a reason for it.


2014-03-25 13:02 GMT+01:00 Tim Moore <moreginger@gmail.com>:
* addon - plugin.video.ted.talks
* version - 4.2.3
* url - git://github.com/moreginger/xbmc-plugin.video.ted.talks.git
* revision - 2d4532d090babb80a38fe39dbe9a0691f70efa1f
* branch - frodo
* xbmc version - frodo

Fixed a workaround for Python < 2.7

FYI the plugin repository includes test code. The tests use some print
statements, but I believe I have replaced all of the statements in
actual plugin code. I could do with some pointers on how to segregate
the tests - what model does xbmc prefer?

Thanks :)

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