Just noticed that the icon.png has a transparent background. Somehow we missed that last time.
Could you please change that so it has a non transparent one?


On Wed, Jul 18, 2012 at 5:32 PM, Rob Weber <robweberjr@gmail.com> wrote:
 *addon - script.xbmcbackup
 *version - 0.0.9
 *url - git://github.com/robweber/xbmcbackup.git
 *revision -  03c65f3ffd26201a5d65a92e4000476f5b175350
 *branch - master
 *xbmc version - eden
added logging option in settings. also modified vfs.py file to accept a list of compressed files to not treat as directories and instead copy them as regular files. this includes zip, rar, and xsp directories for now that xbmc tries to recurse into by default. 

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