Martijn Kaijser

On Sun, Jun 8, 2014 at 5:03 PM, Sean Poyser <seanpoyser@gmail.com> wrote:
*addon -   plugin.program.super.
*version - 1.0.8
*url - https://github.com/spoyser/spoyser-repo/raw/master/zips/plugin.program.super.favourites/plugin.program.super.favourites-1.0.8.zip
*xbmc version - frodo / gotham

- version bump for submission to org
- Changed editing of items to use Select Dialog due to context menu
item being full (restricted to 10 items by XBMC)
- Choose Thumbnail for 'Explore XBMC Favourites' item
- Password protect Super Folders - including configurable caching of passwords
- Automatically play m3u playlists - context menu or configurable via settings
- Added XBMC profiles support (importing of profiles into Super
Favourites not yet supported)
- Added Globalsearch to Super Search - uses a special launcher to
bypass GlobalSearch keyboard entry
- Changed handling of non-ascii characters
- Super Search now callable from anywhere in XBMC
   - xbmc.executebuiltin('ActivateWindow(10025,"plugin://plugin.program.super.favourites/?mode=25")')
   - xbmc.executebuiltin('ActivateWindow(10025,"plugin://plugin.program.super.favourites/?mode=0&keyword=%s")'
% urllib.quote_plus(program.title))
- Super Search - configurable multi-addon search functionality
- Configurable root folder
- Pseudo TV Live compatibility
- Fixed context menu override when addon is disabled
- Better identification of filetype when using Files.GetDirectory json request

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