*addon - script.xbmcbackup
 *version - 0.3.8
 *url - git://github.com/robweber/xbmcbackup.git
 *revision - 3ae5ce8f6f67d4cb838d7a03e98efe418e553800
 *branch - master
 *xbmc version - frodo

when restoring a check is made for an advanced settings file. if it exists in the restore the user is now asked to restore this file, then reboot xbmc. at this point the restore is continued. 

the reason for this is a report regarding path substitutions in the advanced settings file. these need to be in place before restoring any other files. this ensures they go to the right places during a restore operation. if a user knows the advancedsettings file does not contain any path substitutions they can  cancel this request and continue the restore like normal.